Happy Spark Australian Shepherds
Show Results Bolt
Show Results Bolt

DE CH. Happy Spark A Big Hunk Of Love JS-N


German Champion

Saar Sieger Neunkirchen 2017
Jumpers Standard Novice - JS-N

@ Just 5 years old






11-06-17 Hannover (DE) Mevr. A. Kammerscheid Lammers (DE) Open 1U/E out of 3, Reserve Winners Dog with  Double CAC and Reserve CASD Club CAC and full CACIB He is now German Champion !!
10-06-17 Hannover (DE) Dhr. J. Pohling (DE) Open 1U/E out of 4, Reserve Winners Dog CAC and Reserve CASD Club CAC and full CACIB
05-06-17 Neunkirchen (DE) Dhr. P. Machedanz (DE) Open 1U/E out of 7, Winners Dog CAC and full CASD Club CAC, Best of Breed, selected with the last 6 in a huge group
04-06-17 Neunkirchen (DE) Dhr. D. Habig (DE) Open 3th VG/ZG out of 7
06-11-16 Int. Dogshow Bleiswijk (NL)
Mevr. A.M. Beenen-Sluijters (NL) Open 3th U/E
15-10-2016 Bundessieger Dortmund (DE) Dhr. G. Schäfer (DE) Open 3th U/E out of 10
04-09-2016 Rotterdam (NL) Dhr. K. Jarvinen (FI) Open 3th VG/ZG
28-08-2016 KC Voorne-Putten (NL) Mevr. L. Mouchart-Kleingeld (NL) Open Winners Dog, Best of Opposite Sex
03-05-2015 Specialty Troisdorf (DE) Dhr. D. Taylor (USA) Open 1U/E out of 15, Reserve Winners Dog CAC and full CASD Club CAC
05-04-2015 Goes Double (NL) Dhr. D. Harris (IE) Open 1U/E
04-04-2015 Goes Double (NL) Dhr. M.  Levente (HU) Open 1U/E
08-03-2015 Open show KC Asten (NL) Mevr. R. van Veen-Keur (NL) Open Winners Dog, Best of Breed
07-02-2015 Eindhoven (NL) Dhr. D. Rutten (NL) Open 1U/E
01-02-2015 Open show KC Gorichem (NL) Dhr. S. Oates (IER) Open Winners Dog, Best of Breed, 3th Best In Group
07-06-2014 Arnhem (NL) Mevr. DR. Z. Sirik (IL) Intermediate 1U/E Reserve Winners Dog Reserve CAC and Full CACIB
24-05-2014 KC Baronie Hulten (NL) Mevr. F. Lochs-Romans (NL) Intermediate 1U/E
04-05-2014 Specialty Troisdorf (DE) Mevr. S. Tanner (FIN) Intermediate 1U/E out of 6, CAC
20-04-2014 Goes Double (NL) Mevr. C. Hoier (DK) Intermediate 1U/E out of 2 Reverve Winners Dog Full CAC passed on and CACIB
19-04-2014 Goes Double (NL) Mevr. E. Eriksson (SE) Intermediate 1U/E and Reserve CACIB
05-04-2014 Utrecht (NL) Mevr. A. Beenen Sluijter (NL) Intermediate 1U/E
09-03-2014 Open show KC Asten (NL) Dhr. G. Jipping (NL) Intermediate 1U/E and Reserve Best Male
12-01-2014 Open show KC Gorichem (NL) Dhr. H. Almgren (SE) Youth 1U/E


15-12-2013 Winner Amsterdam (NL) Dhr. D. Kuzelj (SL) Youth 4U/E out of 8
28-09-2013 Maastricht (NL) Dhr. D. Baars (NL) Youth 4U/E out of 7
22-09-2013 Brussel (BE) Dhr. V. Piskay (SK) Youth VG/ZG in a class of 10
25-08-2013 Rotterdam (NL) Mevr. D. Klein (RO) Youth 3U/E out of 4
09-06-2013 Lommel (B) Dhr. D. Carsteb (DK) Youth 2U/E
01-06-2013 Oss (NL) Mevr. F. Zijdenbos-Jansen (NL)


4U/E out of 5
26-05-2013 Open Show KC Purmerent (NL) Dhr. D.Baars (NL)


19-05-2013 Wieze (BE) Mevr. I. Shvets (RUS)
Puppy 2B/P
23-03-2013 Leiden (NL) Mevr. I. Onstenk-Schenk (NL) Puppy 2VB/VP
10-03-2013 Open Show KC Rijssen (NL) Mevr. I. Onstenk-Schenk (NL) Puppy Best of Breed Puppy
Showresults @ just 4,5 years old


1 x CAC
1 x Reserve CAC
  2 x CACIB
1 x Res. CACIB
1 x Best of Breed Puppy

1 x BOB 

  2 x CASD Club CAC
1 x Res. CASD Club CAC


Way to go Bolt !!!

@ 4,5 years old, gaining his third CAC in Germany in 1st in open class out of 17 and Winners dog and all the way to BOB

@ 2,5 years old, gaining his second CAC in Germany in 1st in open class out of 15 and Reserve Winners dog.

@ 2,5 years months old, 1U/E

@ 21 months old, 1U/E

@ 20 months old, gaining his first CAC in Germany

@ 20 months old, gaining his first CAC in Germany

15 months old, 4th Excellent at the Amsterdam Winner Show

@ 7 months old, BOB puppy, KC Rijssen