Happy Spark Australian Shepherds
Offspring Thunder
Offspring Thunder

Thunder's offspring bred by us or other reputable breeders

Dam: RBIS, INT/NL/BE/DE/Dt (Club) CH. Skaye's Adoring Shining Sparkle NLVCH, NLJCH, NLJW'10 "Sparkle"  

6 puppy's born on the 23th of August 2012

Happy Spark A-Litter

MBISS Multi ASCA Premier, ASCA/INT/NL/BE/DE/Dt (Club) CH. Happy Spark Apple Blossom JS-N, RE
NL/BE/DE/Dt.(Club) JCH, W'16, BEW'14 ES'14, 
DE CH. Happy Spark A Big Hunk Of Love JS-N

NL CH. Happy Spark All Fired Up NLJCH, BJW'13

Happy Spark Are You Ready
Happy Spark A Dream Is A Wish 
Happy Spark Autumn Sun 

Dam: SR. Farandole With Lady Luna Of Crystal Lake "Luna"

 5 puppy's born on the 18th of September 2012

Litter Luna

BISJ Hey Zarkava des Terres De Khairyaca "Lillou" H'ouija Board des Terres De Khairyaca "Jey" CH. H'ana kai moai des Terres De Khairyaca "Moai" H'Offshore Dreamdes Terres De Khairyaca "Chocko"

Dam: NLCH. Fairy Tales and Lullaby des Bergens du Nord "Fairy" NLJCH

9 puppy's born on the 21th of April 2013

Litter photo's 1 and Litter photo's 2

Irresistible Cutie Pie des Bergers du Nord
In Wonderlands I Do Live des Bergers du Nord
Incredible Reddish Jewel des Bergers du Nord
I Am A Legend des Bergers du Nord
I'm Sexy And I Know It des Bergers du Nord
Irish Smokey Pub des Bergers du Nord
Invisible Touch of Glory des Bergers du Nord
I Spy With My Little Eye des Bergers du Nord


Dam: INT/BECH A-CH ASCA. Some Kind of Magic's Joy Dancin "Icha"

10 puppy's born on the 14th of March 2016

Some Kind of Magic

Some Kind of Magic's Poetry In Motion
BEJCH. Some Kind of Magic's Push The Boundaries "Edge"


Dam: Legacy Liberty’s Chasing Fireflies DNA-VP "Darby"

2 puppy's born on the 14th of March 2016

Outlandish Dragonfly in Amber
ASCA/AKC GCH. Outlandish Highland's Handsome Hunk

Dam:   ASCA CH. Wedgewood's Every Day I Need Attention CGC BN "Edina"

7 puppy's born on the 14th of March 2016 out off a dual sired litter

Wedgewoods Flare from a Happy Spark "Stella"

Wedgewoods Super Smash Brother "Yoshi"



Dam: RBIS, INT/NL/BE/DE/Dt (Club) CH. Skaye's Adoring Shining Sparkle NLVCH, NLJCH, NLJW'10 "Sparkle"  

10 puppy's born on the 28th of September 2017

Happy Spark F-Litter

Happy Spark Fire Whiskey 

Happy Spark Follow The Doctor 
Happy Spark Freekin' Fast
Happy Spark Freeze Frame 
DJCH. Happy Spark Fancy Pants 

Dam: Preemenint Line Eminent Amber "Amber"

5 puppy's born on the 10th of Januari 2019


Charmshine Good Day Sunshine Charmshine Baby's In Black Charmshine Here Comes The Sun Charmshine Wild Honey Pie Charmshine Magical Mystery Tour